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Build your own 8bit computer from scratch with Ben Eater

Bean Eater.
I just discovered him today.
I was immediately amazed how hi-quality his videos are.
Let's show what he have done:

What you are looking at is a legitimate programmable 8-bit computer. It has 2 registers, arithmetic and logic unit, clock, bus, ram... every basic part computer needs to have.

  • There are many lights/diodes that allow to debug whole board
  • Clock is able to go "step by step" and increase/decrease its frequency through adjustable potentiometer 
  • Can be programmed through switches on the center left side of the board
    • automatic programming through arduino connected to PC is also supported

What is even more awesome: Ben shows in his videos how to build and connect each part step by step

It's a must-see channel for every programmer. 
You will see how from simple components and electricity build legitimate computer by yourself.
It's gold.

You can support Ben at:

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